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Gary Hawes

A writer of erotic short stories....

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My Short Stories...

I Ate Your Friend, Then He Ate Me

Reclined in an armchair. I savoured the taste of cum, from a cock down my throat. Spillage
drying on my tits. The cocks owner licking my pussy, his tongue worming into me.
Gerry stared at his friend, eating the lunch I spread before him. I smiled, and groaned,I ate
your friend, then he ate me! I growled as the tongue flicked my arse.
Hubby fished out his cock. Does he taste good, Alice?

 Gerry asked as I stroked his shrinking balls.
My back arched as I was sucked in. oh fuck!
groaned at hubby, Now!
Gerry grew. My pussy gyrating over that tongue. My breath quickened; a second cock
bobbed at my face.
I gasped, Get down there and suck him back, I moaned, I drained him;
Hubby dropped down.
Good boy, I said. The tongue groaned into me. I shuddered at the slurping cocksucker
beneath him. A finger stole my arse. I didnt give a fuck whose. My cum drowned his mouth.
I looked down. Hubby bobbed and slurped, his head held by my guest. Gerrys such a tease with cock.
I hauled our guest up. I kissed myself off him as he squelched in my cunt.
With lust-filled eyes, I grinned at hubby. He stared at the arse, pounding me.
A cock within, and one to watch. Hubbys a blur, I humped against that pounding flesh.
I screamed when hubby came over that humping back. Then that cock inside fired out its
jizz. Clean up time, I sighed, in the afterglow.

Wet Dreams May Cum


My eighteenth birthday party and Teresa! The hot, sexy, dark-eyed, big-titted long haired girl of my dreams. This dance she'd promised me, it was our fourth and I'd promised myself that.


Unfortunately, her fiancée, Peter, had tagged along. He was drunk and resting his head on the table. His glassy eyes watching us.


Her head against my chest, her subtle perfume, and my hands squeezed her arse as she pressed against my hardness.


"Peter's jealous of you", Teressa whispered, "he doesn't like how close we are. As friends."


My hand lifted her chin, "I haven't done anything."


"I know," she sighed, "I tell him that, but he still thinks you're fucking me!"


My cock twitched, at the possibility. I went to say something but, placing a finger on my lips, she mouthed "I know." Taking my hand we left the bar for the fresh evening air outside. We found a garden bench, in a corner of the bar's gardens.


My arm was around her shoulder, her head back on my chest. She was my colleague and my friend, I knew more about her thoughts and desires than anyone, including Peter. I'd loved her from the day we first worked together but wanted her the second I saw her.


Teressa looked up at me and smiled as she kissed me on my cheek. I leaned forward kissing her lips, they parted, and our tongues met. My cock hardened and I squeezed her firm tit.


Her hand freed my cock, wanking it slowly. My hand dropped under her skirt, and I felt those soft thighs, reaching the heat of her damp panties. Our kissing intensified as our passions grew. I felt her fingertips rub precum into my knob, I slipped a finger inside her, tasting her moan as we kissed.


I undid her top, freeing her tits from her straining bra. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, grateful it grew hard. Teresa crushing my head tight against her flesh, we knew we didn't have long. Her hand moving faster along my length, a second finger joined the first in Teresa's wet cunt.


I could feel her growing tighter around my fingers when suddenly her head dropped and bit into my shoulder with a quiet sob. Her hand suddenly held my arm and kept my fingers inside her. Her cunt spread its honey around my hand as it convulsed and crushed around my trapped fingers.


Her breathing once ragged, calmed slowly and she slipped off the bench and knelt between my thighs. Taking my shaft in her hand and cupping my tight balls, she leaned forward and ran her tongue from tip to balls and back again.


Flicking the bead of clear fluid from the eye, and taking the plum in her mouth. Sucking half my length into her warm mouth, I had to moan. I watched and felt her mouth slide up and down my cock, throbbing like it had not done before.


I looked down at her sultry dark eyes, grabbing her hair as she fed on my cock. Her mouth sucked me in, her tongue lashing my knob. Teresa groaned on my sweet precum, savoured with salt.


With a hand on my balls, I pull her head down. "I'm close, so close. God yes Teresa", I hear myself groan, "squeeze my balls harder."


My thighs started to tighten, I was approaching that point where nothing would hold the flood back. Her head moved faster, I started to thrust in reply. My balls began to churn moving around in their sac. My cock began to buzz or tingle, a new sensation, my balls shrinking back up to my cock. I didn't want to cum, to end the pleasure.


Teresa felt so good around me, nothing else in the world existed at the moment except that her mouth was on me. My balls were on fire and tingling with lust, then one final thrust.


My cock jerks "Oh fuck I'm cumming." I gasp as I feel that hot jet forced through my cock. Her tongue flicks my head as the first thick string of cum explodes. and I start to wake.


Still cumming hard, I look down at my body as I continue to jerk.


My father's mouth is filling with my cum….

The Implant
Part 1, Introduction

This was Jenny;s first day of freedom from detention, she was previously found guilty of
crimes against the state for her artistic representations of nudity. It appears the law did not
agree that the human body should be appreciated in all its natural naked beauty.
Originally scheduled to serve three years in a detention centre. Six months into her
sentence, Jenny had applied for a term reduction. The detention regime was hard, with no
reading or drawing materials, a restrictive uniform, and very disciplined. Any transgression
was met with solitary confinement, at the very least.
It had been explained that there was an option for a probationary period. It was not a
reduction but meant release from the centre. Jenny had to get out, the environment was
trying to destroy her ability to think.
The authorities explained the process, she would be placed with a local dignitary from within
the state justice system, and expected to work in his service. An implant would be placed
within her brain, to monitor and control her movements, and emotions, such as anger.
Jenny had agreed, she;d be free of the hostile environment. Where a young attractive
woman found her life had become one of Guille and escape. So many women had wanted
her, and fights had broken out between inmates who wanted to go down on her. Jenny did
not want muscled or butch women claiming her as a prize, she wasnt sure she wanted a
woman at all.
They had almost got her two months ago. Five of them, one holding each arm and leg. The
fifth had stripped Jennys trousers and knickers. The woman naked from the waist down,
was trying to figure out whether to eat her prize or sit her muff on her face. Meanwhile, the
others were stroking their slits, waiting their turn.
Just as the lesbian was about to sit on Jenny;s face, the guards arrived. They hauled the
women off and a female guard took Jenny to solitary confinement for her protection. Even
then the guard fingered Jenny roughly for a few minutes. The guard enjoyed herself! Jenny
She remained there for four weeks. When she got out she could feel most eyes on her.
Therefore choosing an implant was an easy option, her anger was never an issue. So for a
chance at freedom, Jenny took it. How hard would it be?
Working for someone for another thirty months seemed a far better option. Jenny didn;t want
to be passed around as a sex toy for horny females for two and a half years, assuming she
survived that long.
As we all know though, freedom has a wide interpretation. It also comes with a price. As
Jenny went to the hospital for the procedure, she was briefed fully on the procedure and

The implant, as well as controlling her emotions, also restricted her ability to disobey
instructions, and orders.
Detainee, you will have to adhere to the same rules as in this centre. Do you understand?
The state surgeon asked.
Jenny nodded her agreement.
A female state official interrupted.
"Detainee, as you know, you have a placement with a prominent member of the Justice
Department. A man perfectly placed to oversee your adherence to the probation
requirements. Do you understand what this means?
Jenny stared impassively at him and answered, unsure of what was required. "I, I think so,
Ma;am, Jenny stammered, I am to continue obeying the rules.
Jenny laid down, ready for the surgeon to begin the procedure. He held out the print scanner
for her thumbprint, to sign the electronic approval.
The official raised her hand to halt the print being taken. Leaning forward close to her head
she began quietly.
Detainee, I am authorised to make you a binding offer. Your name is Jenny I understand,
The official said, nodding her head alongside the young prisoner, Well, Jenny. I can offer
you a remission in your sentence. All you have to do is agree to obey all of the commands
and requests made of you. Do you agree?
Jenny looked puzzled. I am not sure I understand, Maam.
It is quite simple Jenny. Your original sentence was three years of detention. You have
thirty months left. If you agree, and comply. Fully. Your sentence will be commuted to
eighteen months, six of which you have served."
Jenny's eyes widened in surprise or shock. Does that mean I will be free in a year, She
asked, trying to control the tremor in her voice,No more detention?
The official gently patted the young womans trembling hand. It does, maybe sooner. You
have to understand though. You must comply with all the demands placed upon you, Then
as Jenny nodded her agreement, the official smiled, menacingly, Understand, if he wants
you, you have to agree.
Jenny looked startled, What, what you mean, if he asks me to.
Yes! Whatever he may want, and when, Then the smile softened, Of course, he may not
ask you at all. Think of it though, released in no more than twelve months.

The thought of going back to detention and what lay in store for her, sent panic through her
brain. Biting her bottom lip, she nodded.
I agree, Jenny whispered, pressing her thumb to the tiny scanner screen.
The official bent even closer and whispered, Remember bitch, if wants to fuck you in the
arse. You let him fuck you. Otherwise, its back to detention, Turning to the surgeon, she
said, Proceed.Then turned and left the room.
Jenny felt a sharp point of pain in her temple, then began to close her eyes.
So, this was the moment, Jenny opened the door and stepped from the back of a justice
department car. Which was a surprise to her as she was expecting to be transported in a
secured truck.
A young attractive brunette was waiting for her by the steps, she was wearing high heels,
and her bare legs almost disappeared beneath a very short grey skirt, a crisp white blouse
stretched over full breasts. A striped tie finished the ensemble.
Apart from the heels and lack of knee-high socks, Jenny thought the young woman
resembled a schoolgirl. Older of course, but not by much.
Hello, you must be Jenny? The woman said, offering a hand, Carrie. Gary;s um,
personal assistant.
Jenny shook the hand, "Hi, I am Jenny," she said with a nervous smile, "I think it's nice to
meet you."
Carrie looked around nervously. "It's okay, I understand," came a less confident reply, "Let's
head in."
Jenny went to follow Carrie inside, but stopped when she noticed how short the woman's
skirt was. She could see the crease where her bum met her thighs. As Carrie headed up the
four short steps to the front door, Jenny gasped as she saw the tight silk black panties
beneath the skirt, stretched over the young woman's cheeks.
"Like what you see?" Carrie asked, sarcastically as she looked back over her shoulder.
"No, I mean, it's just," Jenny blushed, "I don't, I mean I am not into women, sorry."
"Nice to know," Carrie smiled nervously, "Gary likes to er, admire, his women frequently."
"His women!" Jenny sounded shocked, "Will I have to wear something like that?"
"Please," the young woman almost pleaded, "I feel so exposed out here." Then the brunette
leads the way inside.

Jenny was given a quick guided tour of the large house. Starting on the ground floor from the
main drawing just off the hallway. Across the way to a smaller reception room. An open desk
in one corner with no drawers or modesty panel. Jenny thought it strange, it was made of
perspex. There were some two-drawer filing cabinets on the floor near the desk.
There was a small sofa in the opposite corner, by a large window. Otherwise, the room was
devoid of furniture.
Back in the hall, just past a grand staircase, there was a double, panelled door. Through
which the dining room awaited. There was a large dining table that stretched three-quarters
of the way down the room. There was a large screen TV on the wall over a fireplace.
"This is sometimes used as a conference room, hence the TV," Carrie indicated, before
adding absently, as she glanced at the large table, "Gary has adapted the room for other
Carrie spun on her heels and her long hair swirled about her head. In that instant, Jenny
noticed a faint star-shaped blemish, just behind her right temple. Instinctively, she reached
up to feel her temple and the slightly raised bump of her blemish.
"Yes, I'm on probation too," the young PA stated, "Hopefully only another four months of
With that, they explored the kitchen, before heading upstairs to the bedrooms. Past the
master bedroom, Gary's room. Which was out of bounds to 'staff'. Heading further down,
there were three bedrooms on each side of the corridor. The last ones of which were the
young women.
Jenny was shown around her room. A double bed, her bed. Her ensuite, complete with a
large walk-in shower.
"This," said Carrie, "is your wardrobe and dresser. Your makeup has been provided and is in
the bottom drawer."
"Makeup. I get to wear my own makeup?"
"Only in the evening and night," Carrie said wearily, "You'll be instructed in how it should be
applied. You must not wear it before 5 pm, and it must be applied before 6 pm, ready for
when Gary has dinner."
Then Carrie turned to leave. "Oh, your daywear is laid out on your bed. Your evening wear,
I'll bring yours later, once I've changed. Now go and shower the detention smell off you,"
Carrie smiled, before adding, "You have 25 minutes to dress and go down for your
"You're not going to wait whilst I shower like a guard would?"

"Honey, after dodging, bi and lesbians in detention. I have no interest in your, or any other
female body," she confidently replied, "Besides, we are no longer in detention."
"Sorry, I keep forgetting we're free." Jenny chimed.
"Oh, you poor thing," She almost mocked, "We are far from free. Just not in detention. Also
we have to work hard," then thinking aloud she added, "Along with the other, things, we have
to do."
With that, she was gone. Jenny studied the clothing on the bed, her bed. She held up a pair
of white silk panties, they did feel luxurious.
Then a sheer white bra, she'd noticed Carrie's had been black through her blouse. Then she
picked up a neatly folded blouse and a very short skirt.
She went and had her first solo shower in months. The only fingers exploring her were
Jenny's own, and they felt good.
Leaving the shower, her body was still tingling from the hot water. Dried and refreshed,
Jenny stepped into her new panties. She marvelled at how luxurious and sensual they felt,
tight against her bum and pussy.
Then she pulled the bra around her, and the two dainty hooks slipped into the female eyes.
Twisting her arms around, she hauled the bra around from back to front. Slipping her arms
into thin straps, she pulled them over her shoulders, her firm breasts filled the sheer cups
Then she picked up the blouse, shook some of the creases out from where it was folded,
and put it on. She stood before the mirrored wardrobe door and studied herself as did up the
buttons. She could see her nipples and darker areola through the sheer bra and blouse.
Stepping into her new skirt she then put her new shoes on. Thankfully, the heels were not
too high.
It was such a refreshing feeling, to be able to look at her full reflection in a mirror. The only
mirrors in detention had been metal, about six inches square, firmly set into walls within cells
or showers. You never stood in front of the shower mirrors, not unless you wanted to be
owned and used.
Jenny gazed at her slender body, she felt strange dressed like a woman again. As she
raised her left hand to brush her back, she saw the way her panties outlined her pussy
mound, revealed as the skirt rode up. Suddenly she felt just as vulnerable as Carrie did
Carrie got up when Jenny entered the office, and had her sit behind her desk. She handed
over some folders explaining what Jenny's main duties entailed, from running errands,
cleaning, serving at meal times, and odd jobs that needed doing. Basic household tasks.

As Jenny looked the folders over and tried to understand what her duties were to be in more
detail. The door opened and Gary burst in. Carrie looked apprehensive and began to panic.
Dread began to fill her mind until she realised that her boss was early.
"Sir, I was not expecting you for another hour at least. This is Jenny," Carrie indicated before
emphasising, "your new girl.'
Glancing at the electronic clock on the desk, Jenny noticed her thighs were parted slightly,
conscious that her panties were showing. She closed them quickly. Then she looked at the
tall man striding towards them. Grey-haired, green eyes that seemed to burn. He was
wearing a well-pressed, expensive-looking suit.
Apart from the air of confidence he exuded, there was nothing remarkable about him.
"Well, plans change!" He replied.
"Do you want us to go and change into our evening wear?" This was said with a nervous
glance towards Jenny.
"What? No, it's too early," He stated as he strode to stand beside his assistant, "No, I came
home early because Rachel said the 'package' had arrived." He added as he pulled Carrie's
chair back a few inches.
Gary reached a hand down into Jenny's blouse. Jumping with a start, she felt a strong hand
grab and squeeze her full firm breast, through her bra. Glancing at his assistant he raised an
eyebrow as he continued to firmly massage a wonderful warm boob.
"Sorry Sir, I was just distracted," Claire apologised as she watched the hand moving inside
her new colleague's blouse, "This is Jenny, your recruit. We were just going through her
Gary nodded once in acknowledgment. "So, you are the young vixen causing a major stir at
the centre," Gary observed, looking for a reaction from his groping, "Rachel explained
everyone wanted you."
He quickly removed his hand and observed the satisfying bounce as her breast settled back
into place.
"Let's see what is so special shall we!" He said menacingly as he unzipped the fly on his
trousers, "Show me your pussy!"
Jenny looked alarmingly up at Gary who was freeing his semi-hard, thick cock, she shook
her head, aware of a slight pulsing in her temple.
"Do as you're told. Take them off." Gary commanded as he began to stroke his swelling

Jenny stood up, stared into Carrie's sympathetic eyes, lowered her panties mid-thigh, and
sat back down, confident that nobody could see between her legs, and having obeyed her
first instruction.
"You little bitch," Gary said, slapping her across the cheek with his growing cock, "So you
want to see who is in charge do you?"
He turned to his PA. "Carrie, take her knickers off her," Gary said as he steered Jenny's face
towards him, yanking her head back by her hair, "meanwhile vixen you can suck on this."
Jenny shook her head, "No!" She yelled.
There was a sudden stabbing pain from her temple, where the implant had signalled its
function. This was followed almost immediately by a hand slap across her face, from Gary as
he leaned down.
"Remember one thing you bitch, you are here to serve me remember. Whatever I want, you
do," He said with an emphasising grin then stood up and pressed his now hard and weeping
cock against her mouth, "aaah that's better he groaned."
Jenny opened her mouth and took him inside. She could feel a gentle pulse around the
glands as his cock rested on her tongue. Gary began to slide slowly in and out of her mouth.
Before his attention turned back to his assistant.
Carrie was standing there, mesmerised as she watched his cock sliding in and out of her
colleague's pretty mouth. Carrie looked away when Jenny's pleading eyes met hers. The
spell, if you could call it that, was broken by Gary's calm and soothing voice.
"Carrie," He said, looking across at her, "I want to see her pussy, remember?"
Her eyes snapped open wide, he sounded so matter-of-fact as he kept up his gentle
thrusting rhythm. "What, you mean, but I can't. I've never…"
"I don't care, my young slut," He said even calmer now, although he began to increase his
pace, "Now get on your knees, I want her panties off and her pussy spread for me to look at!
Carrie knelt on the floor in front of Jenny's knees, pressed together for protection. Reaching
up she gently slid the silk panties down and off. Revealing Jenny's hairy covering. Holding
her young colleagues' knees, she began to part them.
Meanwhile, Gary was looking down at his cock thrusting into Jenny's mouth. He could see
tears of shame and disgust begin to trickle down her cheeks. He grinned as he held her
head firm and began to pump his cock faster.
"Oh, it's been a long time since I've seen a hairy muff, like that. Spread her lips, Carrie, I
want to see her."

Carrie took a deep breath and held her fingers on each side of a moist pussy. Although she
had to admit, she was beginning to enjoy a certain control, she hesitated. Six months in
detention and she'd managed to avoid having to touch another pussy.
"Hurry up Carrie, I'm close. Lick her fucking slit you bitch." He gasped as he could feel his
release building. Jenny's eyes bulged from the fresh onslaught of his fat cock fucking her
"Nooo!" Carrie cried as she gently parted Jenny's lips, "You never said lick..argh!" She cried
out in pain as the implant did its sinister job and jabbed a painful reminder at her.
"Just eat her," He grunted as he felt his balls slapping against Jenny's chin. He loved the
power and loved watching their tears fall. However, using two women at the same time was
making his tight balls churn like never before.
Carrie edged forward, fascinated at the pink glistening inside of her friend. There was no
way she could call her a colleague any longer, not as she licked her tongue up along Jenny's
hot and very wet hole. As she held tight to her friend's warm thighs she couldn't help herself
as she began to slurp at Jenny's juices. She heard Jenny's muffled moan and glanced up.
Gary was squeezing Jenny's tit hard as he humped her face.
Jenny could feel Carrie's tongue inside her, it felt amazing. She had no idea being licked by
a woman could feel so different from a man. It had been such a long time since she felt such
pleasure. Gary was squeezing her tit so hard the pain was a real buzz. Her mind was
whirling though, she couldn't decide if she was enjoying the cock using her. However, she
loved the buzz of power it gave her when she heard Gary groan each time she licked his
Carrie was enjoying working her tongue around Jenny's creamy lips. The feel and texture of
her folds beneath her tongue, the aroma beginning to fill her head, even the way Jenny
tasted different from herself. It was a shock to her senses.
Again she glanced up, her mouth shining from Jenny, Gary's hands were holding Jenny's
head fast and he was beginning to breathe in shorter gasps. Carrie couldn't help herself, she
was fascinated to see him use someone the way he'd used her so many times.
Jenny felt Carrie leave her hole, disappointment tinged with the knowledge that Gary was
not going to last long. His thrusting was ragged, not smooth, he was swelling inside her
Gary had forgotten Carrie, he was breathing hard and he could feel that tingling sensation
behind his balls.
Carrie watched, slipping a finger inside her wet panties and playing with her clit.
Jenny grabbed her tits hard, pinching her nipples.

Gary gave one final deep thrust, threw his head back, and grunted as his cock released his
first rope of cum.
Carrie watched Gary arching his back as he jabbed his cock into Jennys bulging mouth.
Jenny wasnt prepared for the amount of hot seed filling her mouth. She had no choice but to
swallow. As she felt the gooey snot slide down her throat Gary groaned, Oh fuck yeah bitch.
Swallow that spunk like a whore.
Carrie frigged her clit some more. It felt good, very good but she knew Gary. He came hard,
but only a few powerful spurts and he was spent, no time for her release.
Gary felt the last dribble of himself on Jennys tongue. He let her head go and slipped out.
Smiling at the dribble of cum around her lips.
Jenny gasped in lungfuls of air. Then wiped the back of a hand across her mouth to clean
his spunk off. She noticed Gary;s sickening grin as she did so.
Carrie looked up at the two of them, Gary had stuffed his soft but still fat-looking cock back in
his trousers and straightened his suit. Jenny looked flushed, her blouse fell partially open,
and her breasts were free of her bra.
As Jenny looked down at Carrie, she smiled as she saw herself glistening around that
returning smile.
Okay. Not bad for a first try Jenny, Gary said in conversation, Now you two get cleaned up
and changed.
The two women exchanged glances before Gary added. Rachel will be here for dinner at 8
sharp, he said as he straightened his tie, Your chance to make a good impression ladies.
Yes Gary, will Jenny be serving tonight? Carrie asked, It is her first night and she has
been, err rather busy?
Shell get used to it. No, you will be both joining us for part of the meal. He informed them
as he strode towards the door, turning and glancing back. Carrie was standing straightening
her clothing. He could still see Jennys glistening pussy as she sat dumbfounded.
Carrie, lend Jenny a razor so she will be more presentable later. Remember, 8 sharp, now
go change.
With that, he was gone. The two women got up and headed upstairs to their respective
rooms to shower and change. One of the women had a rough idea of what was to come later
as she gave the other a razor.
To be continued….



Is this Better?

I stripped off in the adjacent changing room and tried to wrap the provided excuse for a robe

around me. I looked in the full-length mirror, my dark hair was tied up into my customary bun

until told otherwise. My pale grey eyes stared back at me, then travelled down over the silk,

covering my modesty.

The swell of my firm breasts filled the top. The belt was tied loosely around my waist. My

eyes took in the hem of the robe as it rested on the swell of my shapely hips. I followed that

delicate hem, from my hips to where it cast a faint shadow over my shaved pussy, visible


I didnt need to look at my rear, I could feel my bum cheeks, tightened by the red heels I was

wearing, were only just covered. It wasnt the first time I had been prepared this way, and it

probably would not be the last. The life of an artists model. However, something didnt look

right as the image stared back at me.

As I entered the studio, Carlos, the artist, smiled at me knowingly. It was the first time I had

worked with him. He was in his late forties and had curly salt-and-pepper hair. His artists

beard was a mix of auburn and white. I knew from our discussions that he wanted an erotic

theme for todays sitting.

However, I was feeling far from erotic. It was a blazingly hot day, and here, in the studio, the

heat was oppressive. I looked down at the robe. It was tiny, more like a scarf than a silk

robe. I could feel the warm air on my partially exposed pussy and the cheeks of my bum.

Ah, youre back then? Carlis, carped at me, Thought youd got lost in there. He added

sarcastically, as he turned back to his easel and canvas. I breathed out an almost silent sigh.

It was going to be one of those sessions.

Sorry, I said testily, the heat was getting to me, I was trying to find a robe. This was all I

could find. I added, pointing at the scarf around my body.

Jenny, you look gorgeous, as ever. Devine. He said, without even looking at me, Now get

your backside into gear. I havent got all day.

I released a louder sigh. This one he heard.


Should there be? I snapped. Taking a deep breath I reminded myself I am the artists

model, m sorry, I guess its the heat.

My role, after all, was to help make this mans vision into a visual reality. However, there

were times when the work seemed more demanding, and more personal. There were limits!

Thats okay then. Now lets get started, get the robe off, and kneel over by the chair in the

corner, He commanded with a shrug of a shoulder, As we discussed, remember sweetie?


Just like that, with a wave of a hand, the gig was on. I swallowed the annoyingly patronising

sweetie jibe. I put it down to the heat, not the arrogance d heard he was capable of. I

moved to the small bench-like seat in the middle of the studio. I let the robe slip onto the

seat, my heels clicked as I walked to start posing nearby.

As wed discussed previously, I angled my bum slightly away from him. One bum cheek was

to be visible, with the swell of my other cheek just barely visible.

What are you doing Jenny?

Another deep breath from me, This is what we talked about. I countered.

No, we discussed AT LENGTH! That I wanted an erotic theme!

I stared back at him over my shoulder. And?

Well for a start, He shouted, Your nipples are nowhere to be seen.

I looked down at my boobs. That was what was wrong with my reflection, a basic model

error. I forgot to pinch them before I took my robe off. Sorry, my bad. I forgot. I said, giving

them both a few extra hard squeezes and twists. Wincing a little with the pain, the idea was

to take my mind off my growing anger.

d forgotten the effect, squeezing my nipples has on me. I could feel my boobs begin

tingling, my body was beginning to wake. However, that was quickly snuffed out.

FINNE! But what about your buttocks?

I almost laughed, only my doctor called them buttocks. I looked over my shoulder at my bum.

Whats wrong with my bum? I snapped, Nobody has ever complained before. I felt the

anger rising.

Its not red.

Of course, its not bloody red. Its bronzed.

Its supposed to have been spanked, remember?

That was it, with a resounding crack, I slapped my bum. Then a louder, second, and third,

swiftly followed on the other cheek. I was feeling as far removed from erotic, as it was

possible to get.

Satisfied your majesty? I ventured. I was trying hard to control my rising anger, Red

enough for you now! I turned so he could see my glowing cheeks. He took one look, sighing



Now they look sunburnt! Jenny, this is supposed to be an erotic tableau, not a sunbathing

scene, He stopped what he was doing, turned, and put his hands on his hips, You could at

least try to look aroused.

I snapped, big time. Fine! I sat my still stinging backside down on the chair, I parted my

thighs, Arouse me then!

What? Dont forget who youre talking to, young lady.

You want me aroused, get on your knees and get over here, I barked, pointing down

between my legs, ve had enough of games. Lick me!

I looked him up and down, it was the first time I had ever seen him confused. A strange

feeling came over me. Suddenly I felt a surge of empowerment. I remembered something I

told friends recently.

Did you know that, I began to say, as I idly ran my finger along the soft folds of my pussy,

In ancient Greece, the young oracles were aroused by the elders and high priests, so that

they could have visions.

He remained motionless, shocked, but watching me.

I may not be an oracle. I continued, applying more pressure with my fingers, I am, though,

supposed to be your muse.

As I studied him, still no movement. I could almost feel the turmoil in his mind. An artist, used

to control, to directing his model, his muse, to do his posing as he commanded.

My finger was sliding softly between my outer lips. I could feel myself beginning to gently

flow, but he was not going to know that. I suddenly felt in control. I looked into his eyes as

they watched my finger. The quick lick of his tongue along his lips. A slight bulge growing in

his crotch. Either, I made a move now, or I lost control.

I said on your knees, I raised my voice and stared at him, Get down here, and lick my

pussy. There was an authority in my voice, from where I had no idea, but my heart was


But, but, Jenny, we cant, we don....

Now, I screamed,  Make me wet! I may have felt a little sympathy, but that bulge was now

pronounced in his jeans. I was beginning to enjoy the control.

Carlos walked over and knelt between my legs. I parted my thighs a bit more for his

shoulders. As he leaned in, I felt his breath on my moistening lips. I grabbed his hair and

lifted his head upwards.

Carlos, I said softly before adding with a grin, No slacking. Now lick.


I pushed the arrogant sod down against my hot fanny. I was determined to make the little

shit work for his scene. I couldnt help but tense, this was not my usual oral experience. I

never have to tell my suitors to eat me.

There was a tentative lick on the soft petals of my folds. I stifled a gasp. For fucks sake

man, I barked, It wont bite. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter onto my


I felt his mouth on me and then his lips parted as he began to suck the outer folds of me into

his mouth. I just managed to suppress a moan. He seemed to have got the message, but I

held his head against me. I was in charge now.

I looked down, over the swell of my boobs, nipples hardening in their own right now. A soft

sheen of perspiration made my tits glow under the sunlight streaming through the large voile-

covered window.

I felt my folds slowly rest back as Carlos released them. I was about to order him not to stop,

but then tipped my head back and moaned as I felt a wet tongue run through those folds,

parting them around that tongue.

Oh fuck, I moaned, That feels good, I growled. As the tongue slipped a little further in and

moved up and down along my inner lips.

You like that? He smiled up at me.

Shut up and lick, I ordered as I looked down past my hands as they pinched and squeezed

my hard nips. I didnt even know I was doing that, but it also felt good as my tits were tingling

in pleasure. I could see Carlos grin vanish as I stared into his eyes. It seems my gray eyes

were not conveying the lust he was expecting.

Too fucking bad I thought as I forced myself more onto his face! He was now here to serve

me, god I felt in total contro….Oh sweet fucking hedes, I moaned deeply as his tongue

dipped into my hole, Yesss!

That tongue, that gorgeous tongue was dipping in and out, not deep, but quick. It felt so

gooo….Oooh, yes, oh fuck yesss, Fingers were peeling me open and a nose was rubbing

against my cl...,nnnngh.

I grabbed my sweaty tits and squeezed them. Hard!!

I lifted my legs over shoulders, digging my heels into a sweat-soaked shirt as I pulled that

head, that nose and tongue hard against me.

I ground my wetness against that face. I was mauling handfuls of titty flesh, thumbing my

nip.….Do it, deeper. I ordered, I think I may have even whimpered. I didnt need to hear the

obscene slurping noises from between my thighs, I could feel myself flowing down between

my arse cheeks.


I was wet, no! I was fucking soaked. It wasnt enough though. I knew it, my body knew it

wasnt enough. There was a slight fluttering in my belly, my tits were positively buzzing. My

thighs were beginning to tighten. I needed something in me, I didnt care what as long as it

was hard and hopefully thick.

I thought about the dildo in my holdall, kept there if I needed to relax more for an artists

vision. Then I pulled the twin globes of my shiny tits aside and looked down at a head

bobbing up and down along my slit. It was an arrogant son of a bitch under that hair, but I

was in control of him. I did not wan…. urrghh! The little shit was sucking on my cl..,aargh,

fuuu, ennng.

I was not losing control, if his cock was going inside me, it was going in on my terms.

I let my legs slip back to the floor. Sighing I grabbed the hair, slicked with sweat, and

reluctantly hauled him off my clitoris. I smiled as I looked at my goo, shimmering off his face

and sparkling all over his beard.

I could see in his eyes, the lust my musky aroma creates. Natures aphrodisiac. I needed

cock. I also craved this control. It stood and peeled its t-shirt off. There was a paunch, but

that was middle age for you. It stared at my open wetness, then looked into my eyes,

grinning that m going to have you, grin most men get when they think theyre doing us,

women a favour.

Next, the shorts were undone and dropped, that grin even wider. I couldnt help but smile at

the stiff shaft, topped by purple glans, beneath white briefs, made transparent by precum. I

was smiling because d caused that. I felt myself leak a bit more.

The grinner seemed to think something else though.

It was another one of those moments. A split second to lose control, or strengthen it. Then I

thought of that friend again. He told me during one of our chats, about some German retro

porn hed been watching. That was it!

It was something d never tried before, not sure d ever wanted to try. It was this or losing


The grinners briefs were about to come down.

Carlos, I said bashfully, as I began to stand, I need to pee, and I need to do it now.

He stood before me. Oh, of course, It was amazing how suddenly, the predator changed to

compassion, Its upstairs first door left.

I gave him an evil grin. You misunderstand, This was it, No, I need to pee, I loved this

power, as I added, Very badly.

There it was again, that confused look. I now had permanent control.

Lay on the floor, I explained calmly. He didnt blink or grin. Hands-on my hips, I watched

him lay on his back, briefs tenting strongly, his shaft desperately trying to break free.


I could feel that wonderful sensation as my cum began to trickle down the inside of my

thighs. I slowly lifted one leg over the flattened-out paunch. I gazed down at the eyes, staring

up between my thighs, I knew my pussy was glistening, along with my inner thighs.

Thats a good boy, I reassured, I could see the corners of that stupid grin begin to return,

Now, dont you dare move, I ordered.

Tilting my head to one side, it was my turn to grin again. Hands upon my hips. Ready? Oh

the sweet joy I felt as realisation dawned beneath me. I bent my knees slightly, pushing my

pelvis forward. This was about control, not humiliation.

Expecting a gush, I felt a warm trickle down my legs. I used my index and forefinger, making

the classic inverted v, to open myself a little.

Taking a deep breath, and pushed down on my bladder. I closed my eyes and sighed in

relief as a golden stream flowed forward and splashed over the briefs and body below. What

started as just an idea in control, took on a life of his own. I didnt realise how much I wanted

to pee.

As the last few drops let gravity take over. I heard an unmistakable fapping sound, I looked

down at a hand fisting an engorged cock. I raised a heeled leg, and slowly pressed my foot

down on the tight balls below. Not enough to cause pain, well almost. I heard a satisfying

groan though, and the fist stopped wanking.

He looked up in time, to see me carefully dab my pussy lips clear of pee. At last, d found a

practical use for the robe and tossed it aside. I slid two fingers into my pussy, sighing as they

sloshed in and out. Satisfied peeing hadnt affected my insides, I checked both eyes were on

me. Slowly I sucked my fingers clean with a smack of my lips. I love my delicate taste.

I turned and moved slowly and walked back toward the seat. Swaying my hips with each

step, I was thinking of a big cat, stalking her prey. I used every ounce of female Guille,

knowing my arse was hypnotic as each cheek rose and fell in turn.

I lowered myself slowly onto all fours, my arse was high in the air, my head resting on my

outstretched arms. I turned my head, smiling at my prize.

Carlos, I purred, he was now putty in my hand, but he had something I needed, You may

fuck me now you arrogant sod.

Yes, Miss.

Oh fuck, did he just call me Miss? I felt my thicker juices dripping from my pussy. I let my

arse sway slightly, god I needed cock. He stood up, glistening with sweat as much as pee. I

watched his cock bobbing with each step. He wasnt big, but he was so hard.

He knelt behind me, I rested my head back down and moaned as he rubbed his cock along

my outer lips. I pushed back, to take him. Still, he rubbed himself against my lips.


Sod this, I cried, Youre here for my pleasure.

I reached behind, grabbed his knob, and lined him up with my hole. I pushed back onto him

groaning as he pushed past my outer lips. I braced as cock head met my inner muscle. I

pushed back as he held my hips and inched forward. nnnnngg! We both groaned as his

balls rested against my swollen lips.

I felt his cock pulsing inside me as he rested there. I wiggled my bum to let him know what

he was supposed to be doing.

ahhh, I felt him slowly easing ba..,urrrrrm, I could feel the veins along his thick shaft,

ooooomk. His plum was wedged in my entrance. I was about to wiggle my arse again

wh…oorrrrffffffu, He slammed his cock back in, to the hilt. The disgustingly wet sound of

balls against pussy, added a beat to the rhythm of my moans.

Oh fuck yes, you bastard. I cried. Again he eased out and slammed back into me.

I began to back onto him, trying to get more inside me. This was not lovemaking, it was not

even sex, this was pure animal release. I could feel his sweat dripping onto my arse. Our

pace was frenetic, the room echoed with flesh against flesh, slapping and slurping. Oh, that

disgusting sound I made when he pulled his cock almost out before rutting back into my

tightening sheaf.

I tried to imagine what Carlos could see, his pace increasing as more musk entered his

brain. Owww, yes, I yelped as he slapped my arse cheek, Spank my hot sexy arse.

The slapping of our bodies melding together, was joined by the alternate slapping of each

arse cheek, as I continued to enjoy the disgusting slurping of our fuc…. yeerggggh, I cried

as I felt a finger slip into my arsehole, nynnngod, I felt my thighs trembling and my tits

tingling anew. I felt myself begin to tighten, my ears were getting warm. I reached a hand up

to grip my bouncing tits, they were soaked in sweat. I squeezed them har……


I grabbed my tit so hard as I screamed out my cum. I could feel myself clenching and

relaxing, clenchin..,

Arrrrghh fuck yes, yes, oh fucking yes. I was cumming like I hadnt come in months. His

cock was still pounding my wet mess as I climbed down from my peak.

I looked over my shoulder, past my rippling arse cheeks, watching his body pummelled me

as he wormed two fingers into my arse. I looked at his contorted face as he looked down at

my arse.

Fuck it Carlos, I sighed, Fuck my arse, slide your cock in…



Nooooo! I wailed, Here, now.

I flicked my head around to indicate I wanted him in front of me. I groaned as he withdrew

from me with a very satisfying wet slurp. He almost ran around to face me.

He stood there holding his cock at the root. It was slick with my creamy essence, and I love

the taste of my cum. I used his balls to pull his gooey cock into my mouth.

Oh yes, nothing like my cum to add sweetness to a thick cock. I swirled my tongue around

his glands. I felt it twitch, then jerk once.

I quickly pulled him from my mouth, wrapped my finger and thumb around the knob, and

quickly wanked that throbbing cock.

As expected, my hand only moved back and forth three times before he grunted and a thick

rope of spunk landed over my forehead and hair. A couple more rubs and another string of

searing hot cum moulded itself over my right eye and nose.

The next hot jizz hit my cheek, then my mouth and chin, the thinner dregs, flowed over my

thumb and fingers.

Carlis slumped back on hunches, gasping for breath. He sat there watching as I began to

stand, licking my hand clean as I did. I could feel myself still oozing down my inner thighs.

I stood unsteadily, on quivering legs. My face streaked with his cum, some of which was now

dripping onto my tits.

Hands on my hips I asked quietly, Well, is this better? Do I look aroused enough now?.......

Coffee and Lace


Today was scheduled to be a quiet, boring day. So I popped into my local coffee shop on the way to work.  Grabbing a flat white coffee, I sat in a corner and started to catch up on my messages. As I took a sip of my coffee, I glanced across the shop, and there opposite me sat an attractive woman. Young enough to be my daughter, she was busy with a notepad. I couldn't help myself as I studied her. Long dark hair, glasses perched just below the bridge of her nose. Her gorgeous eyes seemed to shimmer as she worked. Smart black jacket, crisp white blouse, a black tie, and a very short black skirt. I am not one to stare, normally, but the short split on her skirt accentuated her bronzed thigh. On impulse, I snapped a picture. I picked my coffee up, stopping in mid-sip, as she uncrossed her right thigh. My eyes stared between her thighs, white panties gleamed back at me. I couldn't help it, I pointed my phone, snapped a couple of pics. I sipped my coffee and saw her looking at me. I looked down, feeling guilty. A man of my age, ogling a much younger woman. However, I couldn't resist staring at my phone's camera. When she looked away, my eyes switched back to her and were riveted between her legs. She parted her legs a little more. Delicate lace knickers nestled between her bronzed thighs. I was mesmerised and, despite my best efforts, growing hard. She looked up again, again I quickly looked away.


This went on for about ten minutes, according to the video on my phone. Each time I looked back, her thighs parted more, a fraction at a time. Nobody else could see but me, nobody else knew but the two of us. My cock was pressing tight against my trousers. It was getting uncomfortable. I saw her begin to pack away her notebook and took the opportunity to get up for the gents. I needed to readjust myself.

Suddenly as I reached the loo, there was a gentle shove on my shoulder, and I found myself in the baby changing room. I turned and stared into those young shimmering eyes.

"Show me," she said softly before smiling, "The phone!"

I handed her the phone, she flicked through the gallery then watched the video. I could feel my cock straining. Turning the phone off, she placed it on her bag. In one quick movement, she bent and slipped out of her knickers. She pulled her skirt up her thighs and sat on the baby changing shelf.

Parting her bronzed thighs, "Lick." 

I knelt before the smoothest, pretty pussy I'd ever seen. I began to slide my tongue along her soft folds, I liked it when she sighed. My fingers held her folds, and gently parted them. Her inner lips shone like morning dew. I ran my tongue up along them, enjoying her sweet taste. She moaned very quietly, but it sounded so hot.

Her hand held my head, "Hurry," she whispered, "Late for work!"

Holding my head tight against her, she began to move her pussy against my probing tongue. I could feel my precum soaking my pants. I could feel her juices flowing thickly into my mouth, tasting sweeter all the while. I began to thrust my tongue inside her as deep as I could go, whilst working my thumb around and over her wet clit. She was close, I could taste it. Moaning softly as she pushed against me. Then I realised, my tongue wasn't enough. I heard and felt a quiet groan of frustration, as my tongue left its warm home. I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, and she held her hand to her mouth to stifle a groan. My tongue worked her clit, my two fingers slurping inside her. Her hips began to hump back against my thrusting fingers. Suddenly her back arched and I felt her pussy clenching and releasing my fingers, as her juices flowed over my hand. Even though she held her fist against her mouth, the moan was loud as her face blushing crimson in orgasm. Her body continued to jolt and spasm, I continued my tonguing and tried to thrust against her clenching muscles. Eventually, she began to calm down, her face, relaxing and losing its orgasmic blush. She sighed as my fingers left her. Grabbing some baby wipes from a pack on the table beside her, she quickly wiped her inner thighs and slipped her knickers back on slowly.


Handing my phone back, she leaned forwards, with a satisfying smile she kissed my forehead, checked the coast was clear, and was gone.

I turned the phone on, checked the gallery, the pics, and video had been sent to the recycle bin.

It Was a Hot Day

It was a hot day, and Sophie had had a boring day at school, so she was laying out in the backyard, enjoying the sun. She had the place to herself. Daddy was supposed to be home but had instead gone to help his brother, Sophie's Uncle Harry, work on his car.

So Sophie was laying there enjoying the sun, wearing a bikini top that only just covered her tits.  She was also wearing her favourite cut-off shorts. Sophie liked to wear them to tease the boys after school, she also enjoyed wearing them around the house to tease her dad.

They were cut short and showed off her pert bum cheeks. Except when she bent over, then they kind of disappeared between her cheeks, showing her arse to perfection. Although she was sixteen, she had noticed her body filling out in all the right places. She was particularly proud of her pert arse and lovd showing it off.

Sophie had a glass of wine beside her, it was probably her third glass, and she was so relaxed, she wasn't counting. Her dad probably wouldn't even notice the missing bottle, he seemed distracted lately.
Heck, he'd not even noticed this morning, when she'd "accidentally" left her bedroom door open whilst getting dressed for school. A perfect view she'd thought, bending over with her back to the door as she put on her white lace thong.

She had been looking forward to seeing her dad when she got home. After teasing the boys at school and flashing her lace thong to the bus driver on the way home, Sophie had got so, so wet.

Sophie began to think about her father and her uncle, both similar, both good-looking. Although, unlike her dad, she had caught her uncle looking at her tits and arse more frequently lately.

The more she thought about her uncle, the harder her nipples became. She could also feel your pussy leaking more into her thong.

As she daydreamed, her hand began to feel her tits, as she imagined her hunk of an uncle, watching her. Sophie started to wonder what his cock would be like. Once, she'd got a really good look at her dad as he was coming out of the shower. Fortunately, he didn't spot her as she watched his hard cock swaying in front of him as he dried himself off, she'd run off to her room and masturbated.

Sophie undid your bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. Her hands went back to cup her breasts, gasping as fingers and thumbs pinched her nipples, making them harder and more sensitive.

Closing her eyes, she traced her fingers down over her flat belly. Undoing your shorts, her hand slipped inside the white lace panties, seeking her wet pussy.

Sophie's fingers began rubbing her pussy juice around her hard clit. Her hips began to thrust back against her fingers as she moaned and pictured  Uncle Harry, his cock must be as big as Daddy. He would be so hard as he stood there watching her finger fuck herself. He'd have his cock out and be stroking it fast.
She managed to get her shorts off, and pulling her thong aside, began to pump three fingers in and out of her soaked pussy.

"Well, well Sophie. It seems your dad was right. You are one horny little bitch."

Startled, she stopped pinching her nipples. However Sophie was, so close to peaking, she kept her fingers working in her pussy. Sophie looked up to see Uncle Harry, grinning down at her, he was massaging the bulge in his trousers.

"Your daddy popped around today, he said he was worried about you. He told me you'd been wandering around at home, with hardly any clothes on. Letting him see you getting dressed. Even spying on him as he showered. I thought he was crazy, but now. Well, now I think he may have been right." 
Uncle Harry continued, lowering the zip on his trousers. He dropped them and his hard cock sprang up.

As he wrapped his hand around it and began to stroke, Sophie saw the precum, arched her back and felt her pussy flood her fingers as she came.

As she lay there panting, trying to get her breath back. She watched her Uncle strip off. Her fingers were still in her, still probing.

"John, sorry, your dad asked if I could somehow talk to you. Try and point out that what you are doing is not good. You are still at school, only 16, and he's your father. I can see that is not going to work, you need a different kind of lesson. He was right about one thing though, you do have great tits." Harry said as he knelt beside her on the ground.

He placed his hand around the back of her head and pulled it towards his cock.

"First lesson Sophie, open your mouth and suck it!" Came the command.

Sophie licked her lips as her mouth was pulled toward the leaking, throbbing cock. She licked at the drops of clear fluid leaking from the eye and thrilled when her uncle groaned. Closing her lips over the wet head, she began to suck the monster inside. As she wasn't quite sure what to do, she was grateful when her uncle began to ease her head backward and forward along his length. She did know enough to keep sucking on the forward stroke.

She was beginning to build up a good rhythm and noticed that if she swirled her tongue around her uncle's dick she was rewarded with the sweet taste of precum, and his deep groans. Her pussy was leaking fluid down her butt crack, so her body was enjoying it too.Suddenly Harry pulled out with a popping sound, trailing spit as he did. She thought she had done something wrong until he rolled her over and said, "God Sophie you suck cock well. Now let's see that arse of yours, John said it's sweet."

He pulled his niece up on all fours and moved round behind her, slowly peeled her thong down, and left them halfway down her thighs.

"Wow, your dad was right. That is one sweet ass." Her uncle said as he felt each cheek.

Sophie moaned as she felt her uncle run his hand down the outside of her thigh before he ran it back up her inner thigh. She felt a little uneasy in case he felt her juice on her legs. That was until his hand reached her pussy, his thumb rubbed her clit and she moaned.

"Fuck Sophie, you're soaked. And that aroma." He shoved two fingers inside, thrusting them in two or three times before putting them in his mouth and sucking them clean.

"Your cunt tastes sweet and amazing, and the scent, pure sex!"

Sophie felt pleased that her Uncle liked her taste. She knew how she tasted, but it was so hot knowing her Uncle liked it. She felt her Uncle rubbing his cock along her butt cheeks and moaned loudly.

"Normally I'd love to eat that pussy of yours, but my little niece has got me so worked up, I'm gonna save that until later, probably when your dad's not around," Harry said and stopped rubbing his cock against her.Sophie felt her Uncle's hard cock slide down her butt cheeks, over her tight little rosebud, until the head slipped along her pussy lips to her wet opening, it lodged there, pulsing.

Then she felt some pressure as that cock, that wonderful cock, edged forward, parting her opening. Sophie rested her head on her arms beneath her, and let out a long deep moan, as she felt her  Uncle ease his cock inside, inch by satisfyingly thick inch.

Harry was holding his niece by her hips, as he looked down between her ass cheeks and watched his cock sliding slowly inside her cunt. He marvelled at how well she was handling him, and the way her lips were being pushed inwards with him.

Then he stopped pushing as he felt his balls resting against wet lips. His cock was twitching inside its tight sheath, as he revelled in his niece's tight cunt.

"Oh my god, Sophie." He gasped. "You are so tight. I haven't felt anyone  this tight since your dad and I fucked your mum before you were born." He felt her walls grip him even tighter.

Sophie couldn't help herself, the thought of her late mum being shared by her dad and Uncle, turned her on so much. Her pussy just gripped her Uncle tighter and he groaned, she didn't know she could do that. She pushed back against her Uncle, wiggling her arse.

Harry felt his young niece push back onto him and saw and felt her ass jiggling. He brought his hand down with a resounding crack, as he slapped her ass, before pulling his dick almost the whole way out. So the little bitch wants to play, does she, he thought to himself.

"Okay, you little cock teasing slut. If you want to play it that way, we'll play."

Harry just ploughed his cock straight back inside Sophie, almost forcing the air from her as his balls slapped against her. He pulled back, watching her cunt lips clinging to him as his dick withdrew. Before slamming back in. He was growling as he used his niece's cunt for his pleasure.

Sophie could feel her Uncle Harry as he fucked her. She could feel the head of his cock and how he stretched her pussy wall, she almost felt his veins. She could certainly feel him pulsing as he pulled out until just the mushroomed head rested in her pussy entrance.  Before taking her breath away as he slammed his cock back inside her. The more he fucked her, the more his balls banged her engorged clit. The power of his thrusting was also driving his cock against her cervix. Her pussy was gushing as they fucked,

Above the sound of her goans, and shrieks when he slapped against her clit, she could hear her uncle's groans and occasional growls. She could feel another orgasm approaching.

Harry looked down at his dick as he pulled back, it was covered in his niece's cum juice, slick, creamy white and glistening in the evening sun. Every time he breathed in, he smelt the musky aroma from her slit.

They had a good rhythm going. Or rather, he was steadily pounding her. Sweat was pouring off him.
He knew he was going to blow soon. It was the combination of her musky scent, looking down at her perfect ass and that tempting tight puckered hole. Watching his dick pistoning in and out of her tight little cunt, gripping him as he fucked her. But most of all, it was the knowledge that he was balls deep in his brother's 16-year-old daughter, that was the clincher.

"Sophie baby, your cunt is so tight your uncle is gonna cum anytime now."

Sophie's pussy instinctively gripped him when he said he was going to cum! Then panic set in, no birth control. She'd been so fired up, she'd not even thought of condoms! 

"Uncle Harry no, no! Don't cum in me, I'm not on the pill, cum over me, or in my mouth. I'll get pregnant." Sophie pleaded. Instead of pulling out as she'd demanded. She felt her Uncle grip her hips as if to hold her there.

Harry heard Sophie's plea but grabbed a firm hold of her hips and began to pull her into his dick as he increased his pace. Slamming his dick in and out of her squishy tight cunt. His now tight balls slammed against her clit.

"You little whore, you're going to take your Uncle's cum in your cunt like the bad young slut you are. I'm not pulling out for anything."

"Nooooo uncle, no, you can't."

"Too late slut, here it comes. Enjoy it bitch." He grunted just as he felt his seed rushing through his cock.

Although Sophie was afraid of getting pregnant, she still screamed out her climax as she felt her uncle jerk once in her pussy, then twice, and then she felt the first hot rope of cum jet inside her. Mortified, she felt her pussy spasm around her uncle's pulsing monster as she came, hard, feeling jet after jet of thick cum filling her……..


A First Time for Everything


It was the start of another week at work. Just this one week to go, and then on leave, not that Kim was planning on going away, where would she go? To outsiders, Kim already lived in paradise, however, the break would do her good.


Work had been growing increasingly stressful, with new rules, and new ways of working. There was nothing to break the seemingly mundane toil, well, apart from Kim's new colleague, Chloe.


Chloe was like a breath of fresh air, hard-working, funny, young, well younger than Kim anyway. She was thirty-two and gorgeous. She was the sort of woman Kim could easily despise, she was that nice. However, Kim liked and got on really well with her. The two women had been working together for two weeks now, but this was the first shift they had finished together.


Kim and Chloe were both finishing off the report for the end of the shift in the care home. More paperwork, even if it was on the computer, it was still a chore to complete. Kim was completing the report on one of the patients, Mr Wilkins. Kim was making notes about how he'd appear restless and not be able to relax properly. Suddenly Chloe burst out laughing, "I know why he couldn't settle," Chloe said, "I'm surprised you don't Kim."


"How should I know," Kim asked, "I was to be busy putting his stuff away!"


"Exactly, Kim, you were the cause".


"What the hell does that mean," Kim queried, raising an eyebrow.


"Well, whilst you were making the bed up, you kept bending over, giving the old man a perfect view. First of your cute ass, and then your cleavage. Old Wilkins got a boner," Chloe giggled again, "Probably the first he's had in years," Kim's face went crimson, "you need a night out young lady, you're way too tense."


"Oh I don't know Chloe," Kim began, "I think my husband would not be pleased if I went out on the town."


"Not on your own! I mean a girl's night out, just the two of us. We could go to a bar and have a few drinks, and some laughs." Chloe offered with that infectious grin of hers.


Kim thought it over for a few minutes as she finished off their report.  Turning off the computer, Kim noticed Chloe out of the corner of her eye, standing with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.


"Okay, Kim," You've had three minutes to think, "What time should we meet, and where?"




Friday evening arrived and Kim and Chloe were sitting at a table in the bar, the place was busy but not crowded. The inside was clean and elegant, it had security at the door and a couple of bouncers wandering about inside. It made you feel safe, reassured that if people had too much alcohol, other customers would not be harassed.


It was Chloe's idea to come here, it seemed that Kim had not had a night out for months. Kim's husband worked away a lot, but when he was home they spent a lot of time together, Chloe had a pretty good idea why. During the week it appeared that Kim had buried herself in work. A full-time carer, she felt a little guilty about going out when he was away working if she had fun.


Chloe, who'd become a good listener and new friend, kept telling Kim it was nothing to feel guilty about. A good night out would do her the world of good, it was not like she was getting laid by strangers.


So here they were, sitting side by side in a booth, talking about everything, about nothing. The only time they talked about work, was every time they saw a waitress get her ass felt or pinched, they sympathised as it was a frequent occurrence at the home. Chloe was wearing a black skirt, mid-thigh a white blouse and a black tunic jacket.


Kim was wearing a cream blouse, and a dark blue skirt, again mid-thigh length. They both wore heels and Kim was wearing stockings, not in case she "got lucky" as Chloe would put it. She wore them because they made her feel good, and truth be told, sexy.


"You look good enough to eat., Chloe said to Kim.


"God, it's been ages since that happened, but thank you., Kim replied blushing slightly.


Chloe gently placed her hand on her friend's thigh and said, as they continued to look around the room. "Honey, with that sexy smile and gorgeous eyes, you play your cards right and you never know."


Kim felt Chloe's warm hand on her thigh and realised she was the first person to touch her body other than her husband since she'd been married. It gave Kim a strange glow, and she felt a strange heat building. Kim looked around the bar and replied.


"I wouldn't bet my house on it, they all look attached," She laughed, "Look at the tall guy over there, he's so frightened to look at another woman."


"Butt plug!" Chloe said.


"Scuse me!" Spluttered Kim, as she sipped her Jack Daniels.


"He's probably tense because he's wearing a butt plug." Kim just stared at Chloe.


"Come on Kim, have you never people-watched and imagined?" She continued. "Look at the hot blonde gyrating on the dancefloor."


Kim looked over, before asking, and immediately regretting it, "What about her?"


Chloe, keeping her best poker face, said, "Ben Wa balls! That's why she's smiling."


"She could just be having a good night out." Kim offered.


"With Ben Wa balls, wouldn't you?" They both burst out laughing. So the evening continued. A few drinks, some dancing and lots of laughter. Kim was having a really good time. They were sharing stories, watching people. Soon, as the alcohol took effect the conversation got around to sex. 


Kim had admitted to Chloe, she had not had sex for months as her husband was too worn out when he got home. Yes, they adored each other and when they did fuck, it was over in minutes. Kim confided that she was probably running out of toys, and ideas of what to do. Chloe was listening intently. Her pussy was ret, she wanted Kim, but didn't want to scare her off.


Kim was aware of Chloe's hand, still on her upper thigh. It had now moved dangerously close to her stocking tops. Not only that, but she was enjoying the feeling. Without thinking, she slowly parted her thighs, it was instinctive.


Chloe felt Kim's leg move. She traced her fingers along the stocking top, moving her fingers until nylon became warm flesh. Resisting the urge to track higher, Chloe gently squeezed Kim's thigh.


Kim moaned quietly and felt her pussy grow damp. Kim was in new territory now. Not sure what to do, she rested her hand on Chloe's thigh, looked at her new friend and smiled, Chloe was staring right back at her.


Chloe felt Kim's hand lightly resting on her leg. Chloe moved her own along Kim's inner thigh. Leaning close to whisper in her friend's ear.


"Anytime you want me to stop, I will Kim, but I want you so much."


"Chloe, I'm not….I mean….I have never…."


Chloe kissed Kim, softly on the lips. At the same time, her hand reached Kim's mound and traced her fingertips over the wet lips, groaning when she found no panties.


"No panties," Chloe whispered, "And so smooth."


"I never wear them," Kim sighed as felt warm fingers just inside her opening, "As for being smo…"


"Sssssh, let's head back to my place. For a quiet drink." Chloe suggested, picking her purse up as she turned to Kim.


"I'd like that Chloe., Kim said as they left to get a cab back to Chloe's apartment.


Once in the cab, Kim turned to Chloe and thanked her for a wonderful evening.


"I'm just a little nervous. Well, very nervous Chloe. It's been a while, and never with a woman."


"You don't have to be nervous. I'm bi, so play both ways. Don't feel pressured, if you are uncomfortable just say no." Chloe whispered and she leaned over to gently kiss Kim.


Kim felt her hand sliding between Chloe's thighs as they kissed. She moaned as she felt Chloe's fingers gently sliding inside her dampness.


"Mmmm Kim, you're wet."


Kim groaned, quietly whispering, "I know."


Chloe removed her fingers, "Best wait, we're nearly home. Where we can be on our own."


The cab driver seemed to take forever, but they were soon inside Chloe's apartment. Closing the door, Chloe turned to her friend and leaned in to kiss her.


Kim instinctively opened her mouth to receive the tongue being offered. Her tongue began to explore the offering. She could feel the heat rising in her body, and her pussy began to moisten even more. She felt Chloe's fingers sliding up inside her thighs. Over the stocking top, sending her nerve endings into overdrive as they caressed the skin beyond.


Kim was holding the back of Chloe's head as their tongues danced. Kim felt soft fingers gently pressing between her outer lips. This was so unlike a man who would be trying to jam their fingers inside. This was firm, but it was so delicate. Kim threw her head back and moaned in response to the pleasure.


Chloe kept up her gentle pressure on Kim's pussy. She could feel how wet her friend was and could feel the heat growing between them. Chloe began to kiss her friend's throat, placing soft kisses down to where Kim's blouse parted to reveal her cleavage.


Chloe gently began to pop the buttons on the blouse, revealing more of that cleavage. Each piece of flesh received a gentle sucking kiss and was rewarded with further moans and now-soaked fingertips.


Chloe paused for a moment to admire her friend's fantastic tits, covered by a sexy white-blue bra, edged with delicate lace. The hard nipples straining the material. Chloe couldn't resist and dropped her mouth down to suck on a nipple. Despite the material between mouth and nipple, she could feel it harden.


"Oh fuck, yes." Kim groaned as she pulled Chloe's head tighter to her nipple. The sensation was electrifying. She hadn't felt anything as good for so long now.


"Arrghhh." Kim groaned as felt a second finger slide inside her wet pussy to join the first. Again though, it was gentle, it was firm but it was so hot. Kim reached down and slid her hand beneath Chloe's skirt. She slid her fingers towards Chloe's panties, feeling along her wet thighs until her fingertips brushed against Chloe's bald pussy.


Moaning as she felt Kim's fingertips playing along her opening, Chloe gasped out an explanation. "I have been looking forward to this moment for so long, I didn't wear anything. I need easy access for you."


Chloe took her finger from Kim and briefly sucked the juices from it with a smack of her lips. "You taste so good my love. Now come here."


Chloe took Kim by the hand and led her to her leather sofa. Chloe began to remove Kim's blouse, and as it dropped to the floor, she reached forward and unclipped Kim's bra, freeing her fantastic breasts. Taking one in each hand she began to fondle them firmly.


"You have fantastic tits, Kim, I wish mine were as firm." She said bending toward a swollen nipple.


Kim was enjoying her breasts being felt instead of the usual mauling they received. She gasped as Chloe's warm mouth sucked in one of her tight nipples. Kim gently held her friend's head against her. Running her hand through her dark hair, enjoying the feeling of that tongue that was now circling her swollen nipple. A finger and thumb began to gently squeeze Kim's other nipple. Kim felt her head spinning with pleasure.


Chloe could feel her own pussy begin to moisten, she heard a small whimper from Kim as she moved away from those magnificent tits. Then heard soft moans as she squatted in front of her new lover, trailing kisses down over her tummy towards the top of her skirt. Chloe felt behind Kim, gently squeezing her ass cheeks as she sought the zip to release her skirt. As the skirt slid down Kim's hips, Chloe continued to kiss her way down Kim. 


Kim continued to tousle Chloe's hair, as she enjoyed the delicate kisses on her body. Her breathing was getting heavy as she felt her body continue to respond to her seduction. She felt Chloe run her hands up the side of her thighs as Kim held her breath momentarily. Chloe leant back and stared at her naked friend's breasts topped by hard nipples, her bald pussy glistening in soft the glow from the lamp by the sofa.


Kim let out her breath in a long drawndrawn-outn as she felt a soft tongue run down the gently parted folds of her yearning pussy. Kim felt Chloe grip her ass, she was pulled onto that soft tongue as it continued exploring just in and around her outer lips. "Oh god Chloe, that feels so damn good."


Chloe looked up smiling, and replied, "You taste so sweet Kim," and breathed out, "You are so wet and sell of animal sex. Now sit down and relax honey."


Chloe gently pushed Kim back against the soda and held her hand as she sat down. Chloe stood up in front of Kim, and lifted her skirt off over her head. She unhooked her bra and felt her tits bounce free as she tossed it behind her. Her pussy was dripping wet and her nipples were thick and hard as she ran her horny gaze over her naked friend sitting before her. From the high heels, up those shapely stockinged legs, watching her gently fingering herself, as her full tits, topped with hard nipples, rose and fell with her deep breathing.


Chloe squeezed one of her own tits as she traced her other hand down her body. Slipping two fingers inside herself, she moaned quietly, her eyes locked onto Kim's eyes. Taking her wet fingers out of her pussy, she went to suck them clean. However, noticing a glint in her hot friend's eyes, she leant forward and offered them to Kim. Chloe watched and sighed as Kim sucked her fingers into her mouth. Chloe knelt down and parted her friend's thighs. "Like I said baby, you really do look good enough to eat."


Kim removed her fingers and watched Chloe bend forward. She couldn't help herself as she groaned out loud.


"Oh fuck Chloe that feels so good." 


She gasped as she felt that wet tongue begin to lap at the juices oozing from her. Kim felt her legs lifting as her thighs were lifted over her new lover's shoulders. She was pulled closer to Chloe's tongue and sucking mouth. She could feel her outer lips being sucked gently by Chloe. Then that tongue would lick just inside her, before moving up to her engorged clitoris. Kim almost growled as felt the licking, kissing and sucking of her clitoris. Kim looked down between her legs and grabbed the back of that head that was giving herself so much pleasure.


"Oh god….Chloe that….feels so….Damn….Chloe. please, please don't..stop…so



Chloe stole a glance up at her lover, as she felt Kim getting wetter and wetter. Intensifying her actions, Chloe felt Kim's legs and hand pulling her tighter into that dripping pussy.


Chloe began to dart her tongue into the opening pussy as she began to gently tongue her lover. As the juices continued to flow, Chloe watched as Kim began to squeeze her tits with her free hand. Pinching and pulling at her hard nipples.


Kim was breathing harder and faster now and groaned loudly. Chloe stole a hand down to her own pussy as she felt her own wetness increasing, feeling her thighs covered with her own cream.


Kim was being bombarded by pleasure waves. Chloe was either sliding her tongue in and out of her quivering pussy or, sliding her tongue around her lips and clitoris.


Kim gasped as she felt Chloe trail her tongue down her pussy lips, before licking her way down her perineum and began to flick that expert tongue over her puckered little rose. All of her nerve endings were firing off pleasure messages, and it seemed as though they were all heading for her pussy.


Kim could feel herself breathing faster, as Chloe's mouth moved back to her clitoris. She began to drive her hips up to meet Chloe's mouth, as she started to grind herself against the mouth sucking on her engorged clitoris.


It felt like she was wetting herself as her juices began to flow freely from her pussy, down the parted thighs and over her puckered ass.


She knew she was close to cumming. Her hand was holding Chloe in place, so she could continue grinding her clitoris against that pleasure giving mouth of her lover.


Kim felt her thighs start to tremble, could feel her heart pounding, and her breath coming in short gasps. She could feel the tell tale tingling in her belly, colors began to dance in her eyes. She had never felt like this before.


"Fuck Chloe, I'…cum



Then she felt Chloe drag her teeth gently over her swollen clitoris and Kim screamed as she began to spasm into her climax. She felt herself squirting into Chloe's mouth, something she'd never done before.


Her pussy was  clenching and unclenching as she literally humped the mouth devouring her clitoris. She held Chloe tight against her until she felt her pussy begin to relax the pleasure giving tension.


Chloe felt Kim let go of her head, she had never felt so much cum from a woman before. She loved the taste of her new lover, and could still feel the cum over her chin, where she hadn't been able to swallow the last few squirts. 


Looking up she saw Kim bathed in respiration and breathing in the afterglow of orgasm. Chloe stood up, hands on her hips, her own pussy dripping in anticipation.


"Wow." Chloe said.


Kim smiled dreamily back up at her.


"Fuck Chloe, that was so amazing. I am sorry to squirt. It's never…I have never cum like that before in my life."


"Don't sweat it. It was amazing." She replied, wiping more of Kim off her chin before licking her fingers clean.


"You taste so good my darling, I enjoyed you so much."


Kim held out her hand to Chloe.


"Now Chloe, let me try and thank you. Bring your wet pussy over here and let me kiss it.".......



The Lesson Chamber

Donna had just left Jenny, her photographer friend. They had been doing a secret photoshoot in a local wood. These shoots had become a regular thing, Jenny was taking them for a writer friend of theirs, who lived on the other side of the country. The images were used for inspiration for his stories.


Having requested a shoot with Donna, wearing a school uniform of a short blue pleated skirt, white blouse, tie, and white knee-length socks. Donna had decided to put her normal long dark hair into a ponytail. The small rewards Donna received for the photo shoots helped her try to make ends meet at college. 


She was now heading home, and her change of clothes were in her bag over her arm. As she walked quickly along the quiet lane, she contemplated diving behind some bushes and changing into normal clothes. After all, you never knew who was around, and she was a very beautiful young woman, dressed as a schoolgirl.


Whilst these thoughts were filling her head, along with wondering if this set would inspire 'Uncle' Gary to write a new story, a white van drove slowly past her before pulling to a gentle stop just ahead.


Her college friend, Scarlett, popped her head out the driver's window.


"Donna hun, where've you been, Uncle Gary's been in touch, he wants you to take some very naughty pics of me," her friend said with a grin, "He said he'd like them in a kind of workshop setting. Have you got time now?"


Donna had been taking pictures, naked pictures, of a couple of her college friends, for the writer for the same purpose. Donna tilted her head to the side in thought. "What are you talking about," Donna said heading towards the van, conscious she was still dressed as a schoolgirl, her normal long hair still in a ponytail, "l told you where I was going, remember?"


"Well, yes, you did but you never said you would be," Scarlett hesitated as she looked her college friend up and down and smiled broadly, "Looking so hot."


Donna felt herself blushing slightly, "Not a word to anybody, okay?" she said in a panicked tone, "You know the shoots are secret!"


"Oh hunny, you look absolutely perfect. I am not going to tell a soul," Scarlett said, stepping from the van, "Let me have a quick look." With that, she walked up to her friend and lifted the hem of the short navy blue pleated skirt.


"Ooo, white school knickers. Uncle Gary will love you in these," She said in her sultriest voice, as she ran her hand over her friend's panties, "Along with a little damp patch, sooo perfect. Now, are we going or what?"


Donna still had some doubts, "Why didn't Gary contact me directly, he normally does," tilting her head she added, "Besides I haven't got my camera, and I need to change, I can't go around like this can I?"


"We can pick it up on the way, and you can always change in the back of the van if you want," Scarlett slid the side door of the van back, "Believe me, it won't take long to get you out of those clothes."


With that, Scarlett grabbed Donna by the arm, shoved her into the van, and watched the short pleated skirt fly up as she tumbled over a mattress on the floor of the van.


"Okay guys, as promised, here she is. Have fun, everyone," Looking down at her friend, lying with her legs spread, she sneered pointing inside the van "I know you get excited flashing yourself for Gary, let's see what you make of tutors."


The door slid shut and as Donna's eyes grew accustomed to the dimmer LED lights in the van, she saw five men, wearing bondage hoods over their eyes and hair. They were standing around the mattress, rubbing their swelling cocks. As she pulled her skirt back down as far as she could over her thighs, moving away from the men, one guy grabbed her legs. He looked to be in his mid-fifties with a slightly greying goatee beard, she thought she recognised him, but the hood just hid enough of his features. He hauled her back towards him, as the van began to move.


Donna began to try and free herself, her legs held up as she kicked and swore, "Stop it, let me go you bastard."


However, another man knelt beside her on the mattress, grabbed one leg, and raised it even higher. He tried to pull her panties up from her bum, but her struggles prevented him. Instead, he swung his free hand back and landed a heavy slap on her left bum cheek.


"Keep still you tease," he landed another slap and began to tear her panties from her thigh, "No point struggling, is there?"


"Fuck off wanker!" Donna barked, kicking out at him, just as the torn panties revealed the naked curve of her bum.


"Oh, what language?" The guy said softly, moving his hand along, and over her thigh, "Somebody should wash your mouth out, you little slut."


"Piss off prick, go jerk off in a bog somewhere." Donna recognised the man's voice. He was one of the art tutors she and some of her friends liked to tease, they nicknamed him "Dinky".


Donna suddenly realised that her legs had been released. Looking down she saw the first guy was slowly stroking his cock as he knelt and stared between her legs. He was getting thicker with each stroke.


She felt Dinky's hand sliding up the inside of her thighs and watched, in shocked surprise, to see her legs parting slowly, her dark pubes, and  pussy lips peeking from the side of her torn panties. Instinctively she closed her legs, trapping the art tutor's hand between her thighs. Both men were now kneeling, both were stroking their dicks.


Donna felt the mattress depressing the other side of her and turned to see what was happening. She was faced with a long cock, oozing precum. As the owner shuffled forward, she clamped her mouth firmly shut, knowing what he wanted. She was shaking her head as she stared at his cock.


"Open that pretty little mouth!" 


Again a shake of the head, this time she felt the slimy wet head against her lips and fought the urge to open.


"You're going to suck, whether you want to or not. Easy or rough, I don't care?" He sneered down at her as he tapped her face with his wet cock.


At that moment the van rocked as a wheel rode a dip in the road. Donna fell sideways and the guy took the opportunity to twist her ponytail and grab the back of her head. Gasping at the sudden pain, her mouth opened in surprise. The shiny cock head slid an inch into her mouth.


Dinky slid his hand into her torn panties as he placed her hand around his cock, and tried to get her to rub him. Donna snatched her hand away from him and tried to pull his hand from her mound.


The cock in her mouth took advantage, and with a moan, the owner gained a further inch of warmth, holding the back of her head firmly. Stifling a little moan, as she tasted the salty but sweet taste of precum on her tongue, Donna was trying to push him from her mouth. At the same time, she was pulling the hand from her inner thighs. The young woman was sure she didn't want this, however, deep down, her body was telling her something far different, and she could feel herself getting moist.


Before she knew it, another of the hooded tutors moved around, grabbed her arms, and pulled them behind her, holding her firmly. This pushed her firm braless breasts forward, she didn't need to look, she knew her nipples were erect. The cock in her mouth began to pull back a little before its owner moaned easing forwards once more.


Dinky, reached forward and finished tearing Donna's panties, throwing them aside. He knelt for a moment staring at her dark pubes. He gingerly placed his fingers over her lips, slightly parted as her body gave in, even though the young woman kicked out at him. Not realising she was giving a clear view of her open pussy to the guy at her feet.


The man at her feet, stood and stepped out of his trousers. His thick cock bobbed free as he dropped his boxer briefs. Slowly she closed her legs, which led to a groan from Dinky, as he felt her wetness pressed against his hand. He placed his other hand over her breast and squeezed her.


"Guys, her tits are so firm," He popped some buttons on her blouse, freeing a breast, and bent to suck a nipple, "The slut's nipples are so hard. Her pussy is getting wet too"


Donna couldn't help herself, she sighed as she felt his mouth suckling her nipple. The guy in her mouth heard her and began to slide in and out, slowly. He still held the young woman's head and grasped her ponytail in his fingers. Donna felt his precum on her tongue and thought how sweet it tasted. She pressed her tongue up against his knob. They both moaned, she from the extra precum, he from the increased pressure of her tongue.


"Open her legs," The guy with the thick pulsing cock barked out, "I want to taste that sweet-looking pussy."


Donna recognised his voice, he was the head of the faculty, John. Suddenly, and she didn't know why, she felt excitement not fear.


With a loud pop, Dinky let Donna's nipple slip from his mouth as he pulled his hand from her mound, and levered her thigh towards him. He was going to grab her other knee and push, but a fourth tutor knelt and pulled her other leg.


Suddenly the cock withdrew from her mouth. Donna gulped in the air as she looked down at the faculty head, John. His cock had a string of precum hanging from it. Glancing down at her heaving chest, her tits now exposed and one nipple glistening in the dim light, she watched John crawl between her legs.


Before she could do or say anything, she felt the mattress moving as two tutors swapped places behind her. She could feel her partly unbuttoned blouse, being pulled down over her shoulders, pinning her arms to her side. Then someone was in front of her, his curved cock pulsating in front of her eyes.


Hands reached from behind and grabbed her boobs, squeezing hard and pinching her nipples. She yelped at the pain, "Fucking tosser, that hurts!"


"Good! It will let you know to play nice," The deep voice above her said as he stroked his cock as it headed towards her mouth, "My turn now, open wide." He said grinning as he grabbed her head and pulled it towards his crotch.


Donna gave a little shake of the head, although she felt herself growing wetter, she was ashamed to admit it, but she was beginning to enjoy being used. She felt a tug on her ponytail, at the same time she felt her pussy lips parting around a warm, wet tongue. As she opened her mouth in a sigh, the cock slipped halfway inside her reluctant mouth. Donna looked up to see the tutor tip his head back and groan before he looked down at her.


"That's better you little slut." He added before he began to rock his hips as she slid in and out. Holding her ponytail firmly in his hand, pulling her onto his moving cock.


Donna felt hands on her blouse and heard buttons popping open as her upper body was stripped bare. The hands returned to her boobs, squeezing once more, less forcefully. The occasional pinching of her nipples, this time sending pleasure waves to her clitoris.


Donna's mind was in turmoil, part of her wanted to be home, cuddling her Piglet toy, safe from violation. The other part, that one hidden deep inside her 'id', was beginning to surface. Her brain was telling her this was wrong and that she didn't want this. Her body was increasingly saying it did.


The curved dick in her mouth continued to build the pace. The tutor kneeling behind her, was still feeling her breasts and nipples. He leaned forward and she felt his hard cock pressing against her back.


"Do you know something, for a young one, you have great tits," he whispered, "I'm going to enjoy fucking them as you hold them around my dick." He growled as he slapped one of her tits.


Donna groaned, surprised at the pleasure not pain that stung her nipple. The tutor felt her groan around him and gripped her head between his hands as he started to thrust harder into her mouth. Suddenly Donna arched her back as she felt a finger penetrate her sheaf, just as a mouth sucked on her clitoris. She felt herself beginning to flow onto the fingers now thrusting inside her quim.


The faculty head withdrew his gooey fingers, "Move!" He commanded.


The cock withdrew from Donna's mouth, she gasped in the air as her saliva dripped from the withdrawing dick, and drooled down onto her heaving tits. Then she watched the faculty head walking towards her. His cock, looking thicker than her wrist, rigid and temptingly drooling its lubricating mucus, bobbed slowly up and down as he walked. A thrill gripped her, as she tried to imagine him entering her mouth.


"Suck bitch," he said, quietly but firmly, "Lick your cum off my fingers, and ask yourself who's the pervert now."


As Donna slowly opened her mouth, the tutor reached down and began to roll one of her nipples between her thumb and finger. With a soft groan, she began to suck the sweet juice of his fingers. On either side of her stood two more tutors, stroking their hard cocks faster, and massaging their tightening balls. With a sigh, the tutor removed his fingers from her mouth and tilted her head up. There were tears in her eyes as he asked. "Do you see those two wanking themselves," the tutor said quietly, as both his hands fondled her boobs, Donna nodded slowly, "One word from me. and they'll cum over your tits."


Donna looked up at him, and then at each side of her head. Both men were staring at her boobs as they were groped. Her mind was in turmoil, her pussy was so wet, but this still felt so wrong. Suddenly she tensed and groaned aloud, as a tongue began to flick at her clitoris and fingers began sliding back inside her wet slit. Her heart was beating faster and her breathing got heavy. She closed her eyes and tried to think, to regain her composure. 


The young woman was still sitting upright, a hand on each shoulder from the masturbating tutors on each side. All her senses were on fire, she was enjoying the pleasure from her clit and pussy. Her tits tingling, especially her nipples. Donna could hear her slurping quim as it was finger fucked. The fap, fap, fap of hands slapping against tight balls as the tutors wanked harder, was driving her mad. It was the thought of two hot loads of cum over her boobs, making her wet.


The spell was almost broken by the faculty head as he spoke quietly.


"Well, slut. Who's the pervert now?" Both of his hands were fondling her tits, and rolling her nipples, "Well?"


The young woman who was fired up with excitement, still managed to compose herself and looking up at the tutor said with a quivering voice, "I am not the one wanking  or giving orders…"


Before she could finish, the van swerved around a corner. Everybody went tumbling over the mattress. Suddenly Donna's pussy was empty, her arms were free. Quick as she could, she rolled over onto her knees, so she could get away.


"Oh no you don't you little bitch," Said the tutor as he grabbed her hips, kneeling behind her, "We've only just started having fun."


The young student froze for a moment, as she felt her skirt thrown up on her back and that monster cock resting on her bum. It was nestled in the valley between her cheeks. Her brain was trying to assess the scene around her. The four tutors either lay around the floor of the van or sat against the side of the van. Their dicks sticking straight out, Donna was used to seeing her boyfriend's cock, which nearly always pointed up to his belly.  Donna couldn't help but moan as the cock behind her began to slide up and down the crack of her bum cheeks. Her body was winning the battle over her mind.


Dinky was laying on his back, watching his boss dry-humping the student's arse cheeks. He began to stroke his cock when he noticed the young woman begin to push back against his boss. Dinky hurried over and was tapping his straining rod on Donna's forehead in no time.


"Now you teasing slut, time for my fun," He said as he pulled back on her ponytail to lift her face, her eyes still looking uncertain, pleading, "Let's see if you can curse with your mouth full?"


Donna felt that hard cock behind her slide down her bum crack until the head was nestled against the opening of her wet treasure. She couldn't help but gasp aloud.


Dinky gurgled a moan as he eased into the young student's warm mouth, holding the back of her head as he took advantage of the opening.


The head of the art department moved his hands to her bum. Gripping each cheek.


"Now then, let's have a look at your arse," He growled, as he looked down at the firm cheeks spread apart beneath him, "Fuck, you have a sexy arse there slut, one day I'm going to enjoy that tight little morsel." He said, moving his thumb around the tight puckered ring of flesh, watching it move under his gentle pressure.


Even though Donna was having her head pulled onto the cock in her mouth, and beginning to enjoy it, she instinctively clenched and moaned around the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Without realising it, as she clenched her bum, she gripped the cock lodged in her pussy entrance.


Donna's ponytail was wrapped around Dinky's hand. She was held in a tight grip as he began to thrust 

into her mouth. Her tongue began to swirl around the smooth velvety head of the circumcised dick, as it leaked its silky precum into her mouth. The more she began to enjoy the thrusting cock, the more she relaxed. Then with a soft moan, she felt her pussy entrance start to stretch around the invading cock behind her.


"Arrrgh, shit," John groaned, as he felt the tight inner muscles of Donna's pussy stretch around him, "Oh such a tight little slit!" he gasped as he looked down at his cock sliding into the young student.

Another deep moan followed as his knob and an inch of his shaft slipped past the tight inner muscle. He held still, savouring the tight grip around him. He looked down at her stretched lips around his cock. His cock gave an involuntary twitch, which caused them both to groan. He gripped Donna's hips and tried to ease forward. Only she was so tight.


Donna groaned as she felt the walls of her tight sheaf straining around the hard shaft forcing its way inside her. She tried pushing back, but he felt so thick. The emotions and pleasure coursing through her body were so new and intense. Her hair was held tight by Dinky's hand, as moved his long thin cock, back and forth in her mouth. It began to swell as it started to hit the back of her throat. Sensing his impending climax, the young woman tried to back away from the thrusting tutor. As she did so, an inch of cock slipped further inside her quim. She could feel herself getting wetter as her pussy tried to accommodate the throbbing dick.


As her pleasure flipped into overdrive, she felt her boobs grabbed from either side as two tutors joined in. Their cocks were rubbing against her side as they groped her hard.


"Oh god, John her tits are so firm, and her nipples are like stalks." Gasped one of the men.


"You wait until you fuck her Chris. So tight!” Came the reply, as John withdrew an inch of meat before sliding back a couple of inches into the young woman, her moans accompanied by a gagging sound, as Dinky began forcing his cock down a tight throat. His pace was increasing as he pulled on her ponytail, to try and get her mouth further onto him. 


Without realising she was doing it, Donna reached a hand down and began to rub around her clitoris. Her tits were being kneaded, mercilessly, there was no finesse. Her throat was growing used to Dinky, as he continued to use it. Her pussy felt so full. She couldn't help herself as her hand left her clit and began to slide along the remaining shaft, trying to ease inside her, and squeezed the smooth full balls beneath it. Her pussy clenched a little as she heard a satisfying groan from the cock's owner.


Before Donna could do, or even think of anything else, she felt Dinky's knob swell a little in her throat, his shaft jerked, and he held her hair tight as he jerked again, "Oh fuck I'm cumming," He grunted out loudly, as he shot a wad of spunk down her throat, "Shit, I've wanted to do this…," he continued, as a second jet of cum left him, "Ever since you began flashing your knickers…" Dinky quickly pulled Donna's head off him, and a string of her spit followed him, then with another loud grunt, he shot a long stream of cum over Donna's surprised face.


Donna was still swallowing Dinky's slimy goo, while he continued to  wank his cock and squeeze his balls as she felt hot streams of cum land across her face. Each spurt accompanied by a grunt. Donna was back to playing with her clit as Dinky wiped his spent cock over her mouth. Opening her lust-filled eyes, she watched Dinky pushed aside as another cock headed her way.


John felt that tight sheaf begin to relax around him, as he eased slowly in and out. He looked up from watching himself appearing from the young student, in time to see his colleague, Chris, about to feed her his drooling erection.


"Wait," He groaned, easing his glistening cock from bliss, "I think the slut wants to sit on my cock boys!" He continued, lying down on the mattress. He watched as the student looked over her shoulder, cum dripping from her chin as she stared at him. "Well?" He questioned.


Donna stared at the tutor's cock. It was sticking straight up, pulsing and glistening from her. Her pussy felt empty, she wanted it, no,  needed it full again. Suddenly she was lifted by the two tutors waiting for their blow jobs. Their hands slipped under her thighs, and around her back as they carried her over to John. She could feel their hot shafts pressed against her bum cheeks, rubbing their precum against her warm flesh as they walked. Her emotions were in overdrive, her pussy almost dripping.


She was held just above John as he rubbed his cock against her dripping lips. Slowly Donna was lowered; she moaned softly as the throbbing shaft entered her. John was holding her hips firm, as though trying to pull her onto him. Clenching her strong inner muscles, she held firm. She wanted his cock, but he had to wait for her treasure this time.


"Argh, you teasing little bitch," John groaned as he felt her gripping him, half his cock in and half feeling her juices trickling down to his balls, "Open up you sneaky little slut. Or you'll regret it."


Donna looked down between her thighs at the tutor. He had a mixed expression on his face, a look of lust and frustration. She felt a little surge of power. She thought about making him beg for her. Then the two cocks from the men holding her began to rub against the side of her bum, she could feel them using their natural lube. Her mind began racing, half a cock inside her, two against her bum. She had never felt this desired or high before. Then a cock appeared in front of her face. It was long, not too thick, and had a pearl of precum about to drip from its tip.


As her pussy relaxed, her tongue snared the sweet pearl before she sucked the cock head into her mouth. The moan which she released was due as much to tasting a fresh cock, as it was to feeling the veiny shaft she was descending onto!


Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the two tutors, standing on either side of her, they were watching her and stroking themselves slowly. Donna turned her slightly and watched the guy with the curved dick. It was almost hypnotic, watching his foreskin moving back and forth over his glistening glands. He was about six inches long and looked about an inch and a half thick, whatever that meant in girth she had no idea.


However, the absence of pubic hair seemed to make it look more impressive. She reached a hand up to cup his hairless ball bag. Watching as they seemed to shrink back from her touch. With a deep satisfying moan, he began to stroke himself faster. Meanwhile, the guy in front gripped her head and turned her back to him. He began to slowly thrust into her not unwilling mouth. Donna felt John begin to move his dick slowly up and down her wet sheaf. As she sighed around the cock sliding across her wet tongue, massaging the smooth ball bag in her right hand, she felt a tapping on her left cheek, from another warm cock. Her thoughts were jumbled, her emotions all over the place, her desire, aflame. Without thinking she reached her left hand up and gripped the hard flesh and just started stroking his shaft.


John meanwhile, was enjoying the tight sheaf around his cock, as he watched the young student becoming a hot slut. As he watched her sucking Chris’s curved meat, he flexed his cock in its tight confines. Then groaned as the muscled walls around his hardness, clenched even tighter in response. He could feel her juice trickling down his shaft to his balls, as his thrusting was met by the gentle undulating of the hips he gripped tight.


Donna felt his hands move from her hips to grip her firm arse cheeks, squeezing them as she felt his cock driving deeper. She was about to wonder what she looked like, stroking a dick in each hand. Her face was now being pumped by a deliciously drooling tool as she slurped around it. However, she didn’t care what anyone thought anymore, as she began rising and falling on the thrusting shaft beneath her.


As her senses tripped once more into that detached world of desire, pleasure, and pure animal lust, Donna became aware of John's hands, pushing her further along his body. She was not sure why until he began to thrust up hard into her. With a deep moan around the cock in her throat, she began to pump the cocks in her hands faster. John’s dick was now angled against, and massaging the spongy flesh just inside her pussy. He’d hit her mystical g-spot, and he was making her pussy buzz.


She had never felt so desired, she was being fucked by, no, she was fucking John’s throbbing dick. Her face was being used by Chris’s curved shaft. Her hands were a blur as she wanked two cocks, what could be better?


Suddenly Chris pulled out of her mouth, and Donna released one of the throbbing cocks, to grab the slick one from her mouth. Chris just moved away as another cock took his place. This new guy was straight and circumcised, its purple head engorged and slick with precum, “Now let’s see how good you are at sucking all of a cock.” The tutor said as he began to thrust forward. Donna savoured that now familiar tangy slickness from the end of cock. The blood was pumping into his veiny length and she could feel it pulsing along his six or seven inches. She didn’t care how long it was, she didn’t even gag this time as the tip slid back and forth down her throat.


She had never felt so full, her tummy was beginning to flutter, and her thighs and tits tingle. She knew the signs, knew what was heading her way. She began to pull hard and even faster on the cock in her hand, as she started a gurgled whimpering around the cock that was now fucking her face.


John was pulling the student tighter onto his balls as she rode him hard. He had never been this turned on or fired up before, nor this close to climax so quickly. He reached a thumb down and started to rub her clit, his eyes moving from watching his glistening cock appearing and disappearing as she rose and fell on him, up to Davel’s balls slapping against the sluts face as he pulled her head onto him. Jim’s cock was gripped by a small fist as tossed him off.


Donna felt her clit being worked as the cock in her throat began to twitch. Through the sound of blood rushing in her ears, she heard a wicked squelching tone, as her pussy slapped down on wet balls. Along with a  “urgh, urgh, fuck, yes bitch, wank, me, harder,” from the guy she was giving the handjob to.


Suddenly, she felt a hot wad of cum slap her on the tits, ”Oh fuck, faster, I’m cumming. Yes, oh shit, oh fuck,” she heard as her tits and fingers were dressed by hot sticky spunk as the cock in her fist fired out its load. Her ears began to ring as her thighs startled to tremble. Donna began to gurgle a low moan around the cock head in her throat as her peak approached.


Dave gripped the student’s head and held her tight against him as he gasped, “Oh fuck yessss,” he felt his ball tighten as he shot a thick string of jizz into the throat around his cock, ” Take that you bitch.” He grunted as his cock jerked a second load of protein into the gulping throat around him. He pulled back as he felt the young woman begin to shake around him. He continued to jerk into her mouth.


As Donna felt the warm seed sliding down her throat, colours danced in front of her eyes. Her pussy clenched around its imprisoned prick. As she rode the tidal wave of orgasm, she could feel warm sperm sliding down her tits, cum dripping from her mouth once the cock withdrew. Her spunk-covered hand cupped a tit as her pussy muscles tried to milk the cum from the cock inside her, “Nnnnng! Oh yes, fuck yesssssss…” She moaned out her pleasure.


John had never felt a woman grip him so tight. He was desperate to cum, but he had his orders. The young student's sheaf was clenching and releasing him. An amazing rhythm as muscles rippled along his cock. He continued to rub her clit, every time her inner walls relaxed she bounced up and down on him. Suddenly he felt that irresistible tingle behind his balls, he tried to control the urge, but she was so tight. As the woman rose again, he moaned aloud, “Oh god, oh shit, I’m gonna cum.”

His cock pulled out of its tight prison, John was between the firm cheeks of that sexy arse. He continued to thrust along that silky skin, and with a groan, he felt himself jerking against her.


Donna, still riding a tidal wave of utter pleasure cursed the tutor as he left her empty pussy, “Fuck, you bastard, put it back inside me,” She wailed as she humped his stomach, “I haven’t finished…erghhh..oh god…that feels….”

She screamed as she felt the cock jerking, belching string after string of hot spunk between her arse cheeks and up over the dip in her lower back. The second peak hit her hard.


As the cock stopped pumping she began to calm down. Her body gave little tremors, and tiny pleasure-filled spasms, as she basked in a kind of afterglow. She looked down at herself, her boobs glistened with fresh sperm, as they rose and fell. She noticed Chris, on his back, stroking himself as he stared at her. She scooped a little cum off her nipple and licked it off her finger. It was then she noticed Scarlett, pointing her camera at them, as she crouched awkwardly. Donna, high on lust, dipped a finger into her pussy and sucked it clean for the camera.


This was too much for Chris, he hauled Donna towards him, threw one of her legs over his waist, and impaled her on his cock. He groaned as he slid easily inside her sopping pussy until her arse rested on his tight balls. He began to thrust in and out, pulling her down towards him. Despite the cum on her breasts, he took a nipple into his mouth and began to flick the teat with his tongue, squeezing her firm tits hard at the same time. His cock gave a big twitch when he heard her guttural moans. Instead of slowing down to prevent cumming, he increased his pace.


Donna was holding Chris’s head against her boob as her nipples grew hard and tingled. She was moving her hips back and forth on the man’s lap, gaining as much contact between her g-spot and the cock head that was assaulting it. She knew she was fast approaching cumming again. Her thighs were tingling, her breathing ragged. The sound of flesh smacking against flesh as her bum squashed his balls, growing wetter with her juice. Briefly, she remembered the pointing camera, Donna looked up, the thought of being recorded made her squirt a little.


Scarlett had disappeared, but she didn’t care. Suddenly the cock stopped fucking her. She looked down in surprise at the sweating face and body of the mature tutor panting beneath her. Squeezing his shaft with her pussy muscles, she tried encouraging him to pound her once again, she needed to cum, but was struggling. She clenched again, as her perspiration dripped into the body below.  Then she felt some pressure against her bumhole. Donna looked back over her shoulder as she felt soft hands parting her bum cheeks. There knelt Scarlett, in a black strap-on belt, attached to which, was a five-inch pink dildo. As Donna stared into her friend’s eyes, she felt a bit more pressure. Normally she wouldn’t let anyone near her arse, but she couldn’t suppress a growl as the head of the dildo popped inside her.


Scarlett smiled as she eased another inch inside her friend’s bum hole, “I bought this along to try and use on one or more of the guys,” Scarlett whispered as she slapped her college friend's rear, “Only your butt hole looked so sexy and hot with John’s cum covering it.”

Scarlett eased back a half inch, before easing another inch back in, “I couldn’t resist hun,” She added, with another loud hard slap on the other cheek, “I just knew you'd enjoy it. Well hun, do you want me to stop?” Scarlett gripped her friend by her hips and thrust the last couple of inches inside.

“I’m waiting hunn,” she whispered as she began a gentle sawing motion into her friend.


Donna grinned at the wicked naughtiness that gripped her.

“Fuck me, Princess, please fuck my arse,” The woman pleaded wiggling her bum, “Help me cum.”


Chris groaned as he felt the plastic cock moving against his throbbing member. The thin anal membrane separating the invaders. As Scarlett’s “cock” withdrew, Chris thrust upwards. Donna was the hot meat in their sandwich as they began to pound the young woman.


The sound of sex echoed around the van. Dinky had the camera and was filming the three lovers as he tried to coax his cock back to life.


Donna was the first, one second she was edging blissfully to her peak when suddenly her heart lurched, her head spun as colours flooded her vision. Her tummy began to convulse as her pussy and bum clenched around the shafts filling her holes. Her pussy clenched as she screamed out her long-shaking orgasm.


Chris moaned, before grunting loudly as his cock jerked inside the spasming pussy. His cock jerked again, and the pussy gripped tighter still. He moaned as he felt his hot  cum rise through his cock before bursting into the hot tube of heaven around him. He gripped the firm thighs on either side of his own, his mind eager to stay inside the pleasure zone.


Scarlett gave a few more thrusts as she heard Chris grunting out his ejaculation, feeling him through her “cock” as he jerked. She marvelled at the way her friend’s body enjoyed its orgasm. As for Scarlett, she could feel her wetness, but that wasn’t the point of the exercise. Slowly she withdrew from her friend’s quivering body. She watched Donna roll off the panting tutor, a thick stream of his cum leaking from her onto his slimy cock and balls, as she did so.


Donna lay on her back, enjoying the delicious twitches of her body as she slowly climbed back from the biggest orgasm she’d had in a long time. She slowly stroked her sticky lips as she watched Scarlett, her plastic “cock” swaying as she stood in front of the tutors, their cocks spent, but still oozing sperm. Donna couldn’t help but admire her friend’s tight arse cheeks, and wondered “What if...”


As she watched, Scarlett placed her hands on her hips, tilted her head, and gave her speech, as planned. “Well boys, you've had your fun. I promised you’d enjoy her, you have to admit our young star was worth waiting for,” There was a pause as heads slowly nodded and hands went to stroke stiffening members, “Now, get those cocks inside your pants, and get out.”


There were surprised, and disappointed looks, from the five men. Until, “Well,” Scarlett said suddenly, “What are you waiting for? Go!”


The bemused men put their trousers on, and Scarlett slid the van door open. She suppressed a smile as she watched the tutors jump from the van, their bulges showing. “Remember guys, we have the video now,  that shows most of what you did to Donna,” Scarlett looked down at her smiling friend, then turned back to them, “I think we’ll be in touch, for our fun soon.”


With that, she closed the door, turned back to Donna, and cooed. “You see, I said you’d enjoy all of them. Just think what fun we’ll have next time hunn.”


Donna watched her friend step out of the strap-on and slip into her panties and skirt. “Hmmm, I can’t wait.” She purred…..

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